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Help for Heroes - working with other service charities towards a

Help for Heroes are not alone in providing support for service personnel. Find out how H4H works with other service charities to provide individual care for those wounded, injured and sick from service in the Armed Forces.

Help for Heroes is one of the UK’s most prominent service charities. The charity’s landmark achievement of raising £100 million in three years has changed the lives of thousands of men and women who were wounded, injured or taken sick in the line of duty. So far, they have created an £8.5 million rehabilitation complex at Headley Court, and are currently leading on the creation ofpersonnel recovery centres nationwide, to improve welfare and physical development as well as providing individual assistance to those in need.

Help for Heroes is all about getting the best for our Armed Forces, and is proud to work together with other service charities to make sure this happens. Thanks to the brilliant donations from the public, Help for Heroes is able to provide a £6 million Quick Reaction Fund, which is distributed through the services own charities including ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

For those who have suffered life changing injuries in service - and their families - the Quick Reaction Fund offers a chance to make day-to-day life that little bit easier with individual care and support. The application process is simple, involving direct communication, so support tailored to each individual can be provided quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Total funding of nearly £3 million has already helped change almost 1,500 lives.

The money which Help for Heroes and service charities provide from the Quick Reaction Fund has eased mobility issues by paying for, or contributing towards, mobility equipment and necessary lifestyle adaptations, including car adaptations, wheelchairs, tarmac on drives for easier wheelchair access, handbikes and stair lifts. They have also helped provide gym memberships to aid recovery, prosthetic limbs, fitness equipment and canine partners. The Quick Reaction Fund, which was first created in April 2010, also aims to reduce the strain placed on service personnel’s families. It has previously provided funds for temporarily extending family members’ visas, paying for driving lessons for family members so they are able to drive their injured relative to medical appointments, and distance learning courses so family members can continue to support the family while taking on a carer role.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity was created in 1944, with the original name the Army Benevolent Fund. It has helped over 4,000 veterans, from every conflict since World War II, including operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Help for Heroes has a long-term partnership with service charities like ABF The Soldiers’ charity, because they understand they are working towards a common goal. By teaming up with other service charities, Help for Heroes gives individuals the best chance of recovery, helping them to achieve the happy and fulfilling future which they deserve.

Help for Heroes’ impact on the lives of those injured in service is immeasurable. To contribute to the great work which they and other service charities are achieving, donate to Help for Heroes’ Quick Reaction Fund and show your support with H4H merchandise.

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Bring some Mediterranean magic to your kitchen with cooking clas

We often want something a little different to eat in the summer, but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a routine of the same old thing. Revitalise your cooking with a Mediterranean cooking classes in London. You can learn from the professionals, discover new recipes and improve your skills.

With the sun finally shining, it’s easy to find yourself craving something different to eat. While comforting hotpots and stodgy carbohydrates might warm us up in winter, summer is a time for light, fresh dishes packed with healthy ingredients and lots of flavour. Mediterranean food is perfect, with its mix of seafood, fruits, vegetables and olive oil. Sadly, not everyone has the confidence to cook their way through Italy, France and Spain, but Mediterranean cooking classes are the answer. In no time at all, you could be enjoying a meal you have cooked under the supervision of a professional chef.

Mediterranean cuisine has a broad range of flavours to choose from. Tomatoes are the perfect sunshine food, fantastic in pasta sauces, gazpacho soup and as a roasted accompaniment to a meal. Cous cous and lamb provide a Moroccan twist, while fresh fish evokes the seaside villages of the south of France. Red mullet, sardines and sea bass are delicious and healthy alternatives to meat – perfect for al fresco meals with friends. And for dessert, what can be better than sweets made from succulent peaches or nectarines?

To get the best out of these ingredients you need fantastic recipes and the skills to execute them. This is especially important when hosting a dinner party, as all eyes will be on the food. To boost your confidence or simply to have fun cooking something new, cooking classes are a great way to spend an evening (or an afternoon!). Mediterranean classes are available in London throughout summer and are a great way to make new friends, as well as teaching you professional-quality recipes you can use again at home.

Pasta-making is an example of something you probably haven’t done before, but with a little guidance from a professional chef, it couldn’t be simpler. Italian style cooking is incredibly popular nowadays and attending a pasta making workshop is sure to make you seem like a culinary genius. When you’ve made your very own ravioli, tagliatelle or or linguini from scratch, you’ll wonder why you never tried it before.

There are a number of cookery schools in London, the best of which offer Mediterranean classes in addition to a host of other themes. Classes needn’t be expensive or take up a vast amount of time, either. Some are as short as half an hour, while more in depth sessions provide up to 4 hours of expert tuition. You’ll also have time afterwards to enjoy the meal you’ve created, perhaps with a well-deserved glass of wine. You will also be sent a copy of each recipe so you can recreate the menu at home.

Look for a Mediterranean class today and impress your friends with your new found culinary skills!

L’atelier des Chefs offer a range of cooking classes from two locations in the heart of London. Their top chefs will make you feel at home as you hone your skills and make new friends. Mediterranean is their theme of the month for August, although there are classes available right now! Visit the website and search for Mediterranean classes today.

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Get your kids to eat more healthily at a London cooking school

Teaching children to cook is a proven antidote to the obesity crisis. With many fun and exciting , cooking classes in London available during the school holidays, it is easier than ever to inspire your kids and get them eating a wider variety of foods.

Every parent wants the best for their child, but in a world of fast food and sugary snacks it can be difficult to get kids to eat healthily. New research suggests that there is a simple solution – getting them to cook.
A recent study by City University London has shown cooking classes for children and adults encourage them to eat more fruit and vegetables. There is also evidence that teaching children to cook helps them identify and like a wider range of foods. Being open to new flavours means children are more willing to eat a varied diet, which we all know is the best kind.

While food technology lessons at school certainly help, a more fun and exciting way to get kids into cooking is to take them to a specialist cookery school in the heart of London. Many of these schools have classes specifically for kids, often held during the school holidays. The classes are run by professional chefs and the meals go far beyond rock cakes and pizza. Children can easily be taught to cook healthy, delicious foods that are full of flavour. Examples of dishes include ‘seared salmon with braised vegetables’ or ‘pear and chocolate crumble’.

Kids will have seen this sort of food on TV, but the children’s menus in a lot of restaurants are decidedly poor. Sausage, chips and beans just doesn’t cut it, and this is the sort of thing often served in school as well. Jamie Oliver is well known for trying to introduce healthier school dinners. If children and their parents can learn to cook healthy, exciting meals at home, there is less need to have school dinners in the first place. Eating leftovers from the previous evening’s well-cooked meal with some fruit can make for a healthy, inexpensive and tasty packed lunch.

Cooking workshops can also help kids make friends, and in interacting with the chefs they are meeting new adults. It is well known that learning outside the classroom can be more effective, simply because it is more memorable and more engaging than a day at school. Another great thing about these activities is that the kids can try to recreate the dishes at home, showing their parents how it’s done!

Simply being in a professional quality kitchen can be exciting. Most kids will never have seen the large, stainless steel surfaces and huge ovens, and there is nothing like watching a chef chop vegetables with such finesse. The whole experience can inspire children to want to cook more at home and improve their culinary skills.

If you’re wondering how to keep your children occupied during the next holidays, look for a cookery class. Not only does it give them something meaningful and fun to do, it can lead them to make healthier choices in the future.

L’atelier des Chefs offer a huge range of cooking classes for children and adults alike. Their London kitchens are state-of-the-art, and they have professional chefs to teach you the tricks of the trade. Kids Can Cook! lessons last an hour, during which kids produce great quality dishes such as ‘chicken and mushroom en croute’ and ‘smoked paprika chicken with chorizo’.

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Choose corporate cooking classes, an effective team building eve

Having a productive team of staff who work well together is an important goal for many employers in today’s society. Team building London events, such as corporate cooking classes, Corporate events in London have been specially designed to motivate your staff.

Cooking & Team Building
Finding a fun, exciting and inspiring activity to motivate your staff is no easy task. Interactive corporate cooking classes have been specially designed to suit everyone, whether your staff consider themselves the next Masterchef winner or have a ‘can’t cook, wont cook’ attitude in the kitchen. Expert, professional chefs will guide your staff, helping them create tasty, seasonal menus. As part of your team building event you will also be able to enjoy your cooking with a few well earned glasses of wine in a modern, stylish dining area.

Central London cookery schools can accommodate groups of 12-180 people, depending on the style of event you choose. The schools’ chefs have a high level of experience and training, and many have held top positions in Michelin starred kitchens.

Many schools will tailor team building events to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you want to cook a particular cuisine, participate in a cooking challenge or have company branded cocktails, you can be sure a corporate cooking event will exceed your expectations.

Corporate Hospitality
A unique cooking activity and dining experience is perfect for building key business relationships. Cook and chat with your business guests in a contemporary kitchen and relax with some champagne in your own private, luxury dining space. Many cookery schools across London can create branded aprons for your event or provide gift boxes from their kitchen boutiques.

London PR Events
London cookery schools are ideal venues for product launches and food related press events. Many offer a modern, cutting edge function room which you can hire on an hourly rate. You can also work with experienced event organisers, who will create a format which fits perfectly with your brand and adds impact to your PR campaign.

Team building events are important in order to maintain a productive workforce. Contact a London cookery school today and keep your staff inspired and motivated.

L’atelier des Chefs is a London cookery school providing hands-on cooking classes for a wide range of events. For more information on their classes, recipes and corporate events, visit the website.

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Tyre pressure monitoring sensors – must have equipment for measu

Tyres on any vehicle can become flat and get damaged. However, there is specialist equipment you can use to prevent this from happening.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors
Tyre pressure monitoring sensors are a form of diagnostic equipment designed to monitor air pressure in pneumatic tyres.

They were first adopted by the European market, where they were used as a luxury, optional feature for vehicles in the 1980s. They were often used on high end, expensive cars such as the Porsche, but these days they are a crucial system for all vehicles.

Tyre pressure sensors are essential for both mechanics and vehicle owners. Each device is easy to use, and can quickly and accurately measure the air pressure in your tyres. Underinflated tyres cause cars to use more fuel and are the cause of many road accidents. Prevent this from happening and purchase the correct diagnostic equipment for your car.

Tyres sensors with the correct air pressure last longer and have high quality stability, power, handling and braking efficiencies. This provides a safer, efficient and more enjoyable travelling experience for you and your passengers.

Diagnostic Tools
There are a wide range of tyre pressure systems available to suit your budget and vehicle requirements. The Eurodiag diagnostic tool is easy to use and gives a clear indication of the tyre’s needs and requirements. Through reacting with the power station involved in the function, the Eurodiag provides an accurate, reliable reading in a matter of seconds. Like many systems, it has a USB port, an ideal feature for connecting the device to a computer and printing out your diagnostic reports. The Eurodiag tyre pressure sensor can also be updated with the internet via an SD card.

Tyre pressure sensors work by using either a direct or indirect system. Direct systems connect with sensors located in the tyres. Indirect systems calculate the tyre pressure through measuring wheel speed and other vehicle sensors. Information collected by the tyre pressure sensor is transmitted to a processor which sends out a warning to the driver when tyre pressure is below the acceptable level. This is usually in the form of a red or amber light on the dashboard.

Under inflated tyres can cause many problems to the overall performance of your vehicle. This often leads to failed MOTs, meaning you have to fork out hundreds of pounds on repairs.

Nowadays, you can purchase compact, wireless tyre pressure monitoring systems for a small price. These include four sensors (one for each tyre) and one in-car display unit. Battery powered units last on average two years with typical usage. Certain devices also have extra features which measure tyre temperature, ideal for extra safety on long journeys.

It is estimated that around 25% of drivers are operating vehicles with under inflated tyres. Ensure you’re not one of them and stay safe on the road with tyre pressure monitoring sensors.

Young Auto Motive Direct are distributors of tyre maintenance repair products and workshop consumables to the motor industry. Visit their website today to view their extensive range of products.

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